Company Profile

AS.P.A. according to the company status, prepares and performs Studies, as well as Consulting and Supporting work.
The company specializes in the preparation and development of studies on regional & urban planning, environmental, architectural and development planning and programming and also in implementing EU programs.
It was founded in 1990 in Athens, by professionals with expertise in designing and planning studies and projects in both public and private sector.
Today the company is located in Athens in a privately-owned building on 16-18 Dafnomili Street.
President and Managing Director is the architect planner Dr. Spyros Tsagkaratos, with specialized expertise in legal framework. He was Adviser to the Minister of Environment, General Director of the Organization of Planning and Environmental Protection, and Consultant in Public and Private Entities.
Ever since it was founded, the company has executed and performed a plethora of design studies and specialised projects.

The company provides services in the following sectors:

  • Design and planning
  • Research and preparation of proposals and studies in the field of environmental policy
  • Project management and implementation of EU programs and of the Greek Public Sector

AS.P.A. S.A. team comprises of both registered engineers and designers together with assistance personnel. Overall the company employs 15 registered engineers and cooperates with 4 professional consultants of various disciplines, 5 design and 3 construction companies.
The company's registered engineers, planners, designers and consultants have extensive experience in design, and land-planning studies (regional, urban, environmental, architectural, development) in technical-economical studies, in the development and implementation of proposals and in project management, monitoring and construction.
All engineers and planners have design study degrees and are listed in the Engineers of Pubic Works accredited by GREEK MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, URBAN PLANNING AND PUBLIC WORKS (YPEHODE), in the categories of: Landplanning and Regulating studies, Urban and Town-Planning studies, Architectural studies of building works, Special architectural studies and Landscape studies.
The working force of AS.P.A. S.A., both the professional architects & urban planners also the external consultants, specialize in facing and solving a wide range of projects with a scientific approach and professional conscience.
Last but not least AS.P.A. is specialized in the application and implementation of EU funded programs and projects (submission of proposals and management).

The AS.P.A. Team

  • Spyros Tsagkaratos

    Architect PhD in Urban Planning CNAM Paris
  • Gerasimos Tsagkaratos

    Architect DESA Paris
  • Anna Bitsakaki

    Architect Urban & Regional Planning FAPM Milan
  • Sofia Eleftheriadou

    Architect NTUA Athens
  • Phaidon Georgiades

    Urban & Regional Planner UBO Brest MST Geoarchitecture
  • Katerina Christakaki

    Architect AUTH Thessaloniki
  • Tina Stella Tsagkaratou

    Architect AUTH Thessaloniki
  • Alexandra Vlachou

    Architect MSc ADERS NTUA Athens
  • Michele Soraperra

    Architect IUAV Venice
  • Areti Karaboukalou

    Urban & Regional Planner UTH Volos MSc URP Athens
  • Mara Grozopoulou

    Urban & Regional Planner UTH Volos MSc/II EP IUP Paris
  • Thomas Papathomas

    Urban & Regional Planner UTH Volos MSc/II IEDUB Bordeaux
  • Iro Kondyli

    Architect NTUA Athens
  • Konstantinos L. Palamidas

    Architect NTUA Athens
  • Stella Pavlidou

    Architect University of Patras
  • Ismini Theodosopoulou

    Architect University of Patras
  • Loukia Mavroeidi

    Architect UTH Volos
  • Lelouda Vafeia

    Urban Planner Regional Planner UTH Volos
  • Stefania Sotiriadi

    Architect UTH Volos
  • Anastasia Papathoma

    Architect AUTH Thessaloniki
  • Natassa Fouskokolaki

    Architect NTUA Athens
  • Zozo Koutsanellou

    Architect NTUA Athens
  • Alexandra Simantiri

    Civil Engineer University Of Patra
  • Gerasimos Kotronakis

    Designer & GIS
  • Petroula Kontogeorgou

    Designer & Interior Design
  • Ilia Alyssandraki

    Designer & Industrial Design
  • Vasilis Zavogiannis

  • Aggeliki Maroulaki

  • Mairy Yiannakopoulou