The Mall

The first shopping center in Greece which is a ‘Mall’ type. A development that changed the map of commercial activity and at the same time adapted the commercial use to the modern era. The volume (100,000 m²), the parking (2,500 cars), the vertical development (4 floors), the mixing and complexity of the uses are some of the new elements that were introduced, both functionally and aesthetically. The four floors are transformed into 2, creating entrances on the intermediate level. The volume and large surfaces were divided into a distorted trapezoid so that the user could see the ¼ of the building. The traffic corridors were designed in a gradual retreat, like a canyon, to enjoy the height. 4 plazas with different characters were created per level to orient the user as well as in the open public space. The colors, the interior design, the decorative elements refer to a modern shopping street.